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With renewed focus on the environmental agenda and a broadened menu of liability, corporations and other institutions are increasingly likely to be targets of regulatory scrutiny, government investigations and even civil suits. Whether it is climate change, which President Biden has positioned as “the number one issue facing humanity”, PFAS, or stormwaters, companies and investors face expanding challenges to meet expectations in this critical space, or face liability. 

The Biden Administration already has made clear that it will seek to apply the government’s regulatory powers in new ways to companies not traditionally expected to be the target of environmental regulators and leverage the power of agencies that historically have not focused on environmental enforcement. At the same time, states and municipalities are becoming more aggressive, in many instances creating stricter regulatory regimes than the federal government, and filing lawsuits to force changes in corporate behavior alleged to have negative environmental impacts.

King & Spalding is uniquely positioned to partner with you and face these challenges head on. We bring a multi-disciplinary perspective to our client’s advantage, drawing on our:

  • Environmental, Health & Safety (“EHS”) team led by a former senior EPA official which brings an insider’s perspective to the government and helps clients navigate complex regulatory and enforcement concerns by offering a unique insight into what regulators think and what they will do next.
  • Leading Toxic Tort, Environmental and Class Action litigation teams with extensive scientific and technical training who have been on the front lines of cases involving PFAS, climate change issues, and groundwater contamination for decades
  • Government Advocacy and Public Policy team led by bi-partisan former congressional investigators and executive branch officials with a proven record of success in advancing the interests of our clients before governmental bodies and bringing depth to congressional investigations
  • State Attorneys General practice with decades of experience managing and coordinating State AG investigations
  • Special Matters Practice which advises clients on environmental justice and helps navigate the most challenging of investigations

If you are looking to better understand your environmental risk profile, embroiled in or expecting a governmental inquiry, or facing litigation from consumers allegedly impacted by environmental wrongdoing, King & Spalding stands at the ready to help navigate this evolving landscape.

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