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In the Buy American context, job growth and promotion of innovation have served as the policy bases for government spending on domestically-produced goods for generations. Recent supply-chain vulnerabilities – highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical competition, cyber-attacks, and global warming – are now causing U.S. policymakers to expand upon their historic efforts.

Existing Buy America and Buy American-type program requirements present a complex landscape for those contractors and manufacturers doing business with the U.S. government. The Biden Administration’s economic policy actions and the emerging legislative proposals in Congress now create new business opportunities – with accompanying new risks – in this space.

Drawing on decades of experience developing business, legal, and political strategies, King & Spalding’s (1) Government Matters and (2) Corporate, Finance and Investments Practices are uniquely positioned to guide clients through the rapidly evolving Buy American environment.

We’re deeply familiar with legal and contractual requirements that apply to government procurement and infrastructure spending. We also help clients navigate the supply chain vulnerabilities to capitalize on opportunities and limit disruption. Leveraging our cross-practice teams, we offer complete solutions to protect and advance client interests, engage in government advocacy and agency interactions, navigate legal and regulatory compliance, advise on aspects critical to deals involving both government targeted businesses and infrastructure projects, and resolve follow-on investigations and litigation on favorable terms.

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Supply Chain Policy Roundup

The Biden Administration and Congress are currently considering a number of policy proposals to address supply-chain vulnerabilities, including legislation that would significantly impact existing Buy America and Buy American-type program requirements.

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