Year-Round Activities

Throughout the year, hundreds of lawyers and staff participate in volunteer events around the globe, in partnership with nonprofits and NGOs. In the area of education, we tutor and mentor students, teach classes on legal topics and business literacy skills, and provide school supplies for children. We support health and well-being initiatives, including fund-raising for cures and quality-of-life efforts for the sick. In the area of basic needs, we work at food banks, build affordable homes and sort medical supplies for disaster-relief efforts. We also take part in environmental projects.

Founders Day

Each June, King & Spalding volunteers participate in Founders Day, a firm-wide community service initiative that celebrates the legacy of service and community engagement that was established by the firm’s founding partners more than 130 years ago. Volunteers in each King & Spalding office donate their time to support children’s hospitals and health organizations, benefiting thousands of children and their families each year.


We raise more than $1 million annually in support of United Way. Our personnel invest in the organization’s impactful, multi-stakeholder efforts to improve education, health, family stability and basic needs in underserved communities.

Individuals and the firm donate to additional organizations, with a particular focus on pro bono legal service providers that assist people who cannot afford legal representation and protect civil and public rights and civil liberties.

We also give to disaster relief efforts. Past donations have supported people displaced by the South Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and major earthquakes. We also contribute to MedShare, which delivers surplus medical equipment to hospitals and crisis sites around the world.