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March 21, 2024

Law360 Selects 14 King & Spalding Partners to Serve on 2024 Editorial Boards

NEW YORK, March 21, 2024 — Law360 has selected 14 King & Spalding partners to serve on its 2024 editorial advisory boards. Law360 editors rely on the board members for insight into the latest issues affecting various practice areas and feedback on how the publication can shape its future coverage.

Those serving on the 2024 Law360 editorial boards are:

  • Elizabeth Adler (Cybersecurity & Privacy)
  • Brian Ashin (Real Estate Authority)
  • Matthew Biben (Banking)
  • Matthew Bush (Product Liability)
  • Sumon Dantiki (White Collar)
  • Jeanne Fugate (Media & Entertainment)
  • Dan Kahan (Florida)
  • Amelia Medina (White Collar)
  • Liz Morgan (Capital Markets)
  • Vera Powell (Compliance)
  • Andy Pratt (Georgia)
  • Jeff Telep (International Trade)
  • Anne Voigts (Appellate)
  • Julia Zousmer (Illinois)