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Dirk Lasater to Speak on Panel to Association of Corporate Counsel National Membership

Northern Virginia Technology Transactions and Sourcing associate Dirk Lasater will speak on a panel with outside presenters Kaye Cyrus, corporate counsel of HealthEdge and Gayle Gorvett CEO and Managing Partner of GGorvett Consulting, to the national membership of the Association of Corporate Counsel on Aug. 16. The presentation is titled “Understanding the SaaS Deal: Practical Strategies and Preparation Techniques Prior to Negotiation.” The panel is the first part of a three-part national master class that guides vendors and customers in negotiating SaaS agreements. The panel focuses on practical strategies for assessing the differences between on premises software and SaaS, and the key issues to consider when an attorney joins a SaaS product negotiation. The panel addresses issues related to seat v. enterprise licensing, risk shifting, data protection and privacy, and termination, transition assistance and dispute resolution mechanisms through a SaaS lens.