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Washington Insight: Corporate Inversions

Program Speakers

Bob Ehrlich, Tom Spulak, Mike Andrews, Hap Shashy, Eleanor Hill, and John Green


Recent reports of acquisitions of international companies by US companies and the resulting shifting of the tax residence of the US company off-shore has raised the ire of many in Congress and has prompted considerable media coverage. While some see "inversions" as a logical and predictable consequence of America's high corporate tax rate, others view it as nothing less than un-American and a sign of corporate greed. Legislation known as the "Stop Corporate Inversions Act" was recently introduced in the House and Senate that if enacted would eliminate any tax benefits to a US company transferring less than 50% of its stock to a related foreign company.

Please join King & Spalding's experts in tax policy and government advocacy for an in-depth discussion of corporate inversions, how they work and what Congress and the Obama Administration want to do to stop them from occurring.

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Event Details

Date: June 18, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm