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King & Spalding’s Cross-Disciplinary Life Sciences Team to Present on AI at the 16th Annual Medical Device Summit

King & Spalding Life Science’s team will present on AI at the upcoming 16th Annual Medical Device Summit on Sept. 7 in Chicago. The session “The Rise of Government Regulation of Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning” led by Ulf Grundmann, Eric Henry, Genevieve Michaux and Kyle Sampson will provide an overview of recent regulatory guidance and potential future developments in government regulation of digital health and AI/machine learning from the perspective of the U.S. and European Union (EU) regulatory bodies.

The session “The Machines Are Coming (And Lawsuits Too): Mitigating Risks of Device Design, Manufacture, and Sale Amidst the AI Revolution” will include the panelists Amanda Klingler, Micha Nandaraj Gallo and Mark Sentenac. This session will provide an overview of recent developments in the regulation of AI- and machine learning-enabled devices, share views on the future landscape of AI regulation and litigation, and offer suggestions on how device manufacturers can mitigate regulatory and litigation risk associated with the manufacture and sale of devices developed “in silico.”