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Fradyn Suárez, Sheel Patel, Jessica Mendoza to Speak on Financing Renewables and Transportation and Digital Infrastructure at IJLATAM23

Corporate Finance and Investment partners Fradyn Suárez (Miami), Sheel Patel (New York) and counsel Jessica Mendoza (Miami) will speak at the IJGlobal’s IJ LATAM 2023 on March 13-15 in Miami. Fradyn will moderate a panel on, “Crossing Borders, Connecting Communities: Demand and Opportunities for Ports, Roads, and Rail,” Sheel on “Structuring Hybrid Financing Solutions for Digital Infrastructure, Municipal Projects, and Smart Cities,” and Jessica on “Financing the Energy Transition: What Role will the Private Markets Play?”

 On March 15, Fradyn Suárez will moderate a panel focused on “Crossing borders, connecting communities: demand and opportunities for ports, roads, and rail” as part of the conference’s supercharging transport & social infrastructure investments segment. The panel will include:

  • Emilio Andrade, Head of Latin Amercia at Ardian
  • Oscar Chanona Garciam, Head of Legal Operations at ICA
  • Mathew Wagner, Director Business Development LATAM at STRABAG

Key areas of focus for the discussion are:

  • Examining transport pipelines across the region
  • How does local technical expertise improve a project’s prospects and ease construction risk?
  • Is there a ‘best practice’ for tender timelines and risk sharing? Where is this taking place, and what learnings can be extracted?
  • To what extent are effective concession structures replicable across the region?
  • When and where are investment-grade opportunities in roads, rail, and seaports expected?
  • Where are these assets in the cycle?

 On the same day, Sheel Patel will moderate a panel focused on “Structuring hybrid financing solutions for digital infrastructure, municipal projects, and smart cities” in the same supercharging transport & social infrastructure investments segment. Sheel’s panel will be joined by:

  • Christian Velasco, Investment Director at AMP Capital
  • Geneviève Maltais-Boisvert, Managing Director at DigitalBridge
  • Fernando Gana Barroilhet, Chief Executive Officer at Grupo Gtd

The discussion will cover the topics such as:

  • Assessing the long-term financial viability of projects integrating digital infrastructure, public services and green energy.
  • Most of these types of projects have been on a lower municipal level – to what extent are they scalable?
  • What role are the capital markets playing?
  • Will M&A and acquisition finance continue to dominate deal flow?
  • How cyclical are these assets?
  • Structuring these assets: reconciling corporate and project finance to provide hybrid and umbrella financing solutions.
  • How are banks reacting to these financing challenges?

 On March 13, Jessica Mendoza is moderating a panel focused on “Financing the energy transition: what role will the private markets play?” as part of the conference’s renewables spotlight segment. Jessica’s panel will be joined by:

  • Sergio Arbeláez, Head of Financing at Matrix Renewables
  • Marcelo Bretón, CFO at Ventus Energía
  • Mauricio Carvajal, Investment Head at Actis
  • Igor Cadete Fonseca, Head of Power, Project Finance at Santander

Panel discussion will target topics such as:

  • How is political volatility impacting financing conditions?
  • What impact is higher inflation and interest rates having on the origination, structuring, and closing of transactions changing?
  • Gauging the impact of higher capital costs on deal volumes, greenfield activity and M&A
  • How supportive is public policy?
  • What auctions are in the pipeline?
  • How are net zero pledges impacting a recovering sector
  • To what extent can the natural resource markets support domestic renewables generation?
  • Where will new financing sources come from?

More information can be found here