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Brandon Dalling to Speak at Infocast Projects & Money Conference

New York Corporate, Finance and Investments partner Brandon Dalling will speak at the 2023 Infocast Projects & Money Conference on Jan. 24 in New Orleans. Brandon will moderate a panel on “The Global Stage and US Power Markets” alongside Ted Brandt, Founder & CEO of Marathon Capital; Ken Fleming, Managing Director – US Power Origination at BP; George Katsigiannakis, Vice President, Energy Markets at ICF; Kevin Smith, CEO Americas at Lightsource BP; and Lance R. Titus, Managing Director at Uniper Global Commodities North America, LLC.

The discussion will be focused on the evolving energy industry and the global economy’s impact by grand-scale disruptions like COVID-19, supply chain issues, the War in Ukraine, impacts of geopolitical situations reverberating across the world and altering outlook for U.S. markets. The panelists will discuss (i) what does the skyrocketing costs of energy resulting from the war in Ukraine mean for the U.S. power markets; (ii) factors fueling the European energy crisis and what the U.S. must learn from it; (iii) whether the combination of high commodity prices and the geopolitical crisis in Europe will impede the delivery of net zero targets; (iv) global clean energy investment trends – where are there opportunities and how do they influence U.S. investors; (v) how do other countries, from the U.S.’ trade partners and countries living with the European energy crisis, view the recent changes in the U.S. climate policy; and (vi) how do lingering supply chain issues continue to affect the markets?

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Date: January 24, 2023