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King & Spalding Diversity Fellowships

King & Spalding Diversity Fellowships

King & Spalding Diversity Fellowships

The best talent is diverse in many ways, including gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin. A diverse talent base provides the range of experience, approach and judgment necessary to achieve the best results for our clients and creates the most collegial and interesting workplace environment.

Achieving a diverse workplace is a fundamental value of King & Spalding, and our diversity fellowship programs further our commitment to recruit, retain, and promote talented lawyers who will contribute to the advancement of diversity within the firm and in the legal profession.

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The 2L Diversity Fellowship and Howard Law 1L and 2L Fellowships will be awarded to qualified law students who show promise of contributing meaningfully to the diversity of the legal community. Recipients receive a stipend and a summer associate position at one of King & Spalding’s U.S. offices the summer following the completion of their first or second year of law school. If a Fellow receives and accepts an offer to join the firm as a 2L summer associate or permanent associate, an additional stipend will be paid.

Recipients must meet the academic and hiring criteria of King & Spalding’s summer associate program; receive an offer of summer employment for their second-year summer; complete an application form and brief personal statement; and, for the Howard 1L and 2L Fellowships, be a current student at Howard University Law School.

Please click the “Apply Here” link above. Under "position," please select “2L Diversity Fellow”, 2L Howard Diversity Law Fellow”, or “1L Howard Diversity Law Fellow."  Please attach a copy of your current resume, a copy of your undergraduate transcript, a copy of your law school transcript, and a personal statement, not to exceed 500 words, which describes your talents, qualities, and experiences.

Harold Franklin, Partner and Diversity Chair

For the past two years, our firm has undertaken new initiatives to advance and promote social justice causes and also to further advance diversity and inclusion, including collaborative efforts and partnership with firm clients. I’m proud of what our firm, our lawyers and our staff have achieved.

Alexis Early, Partner and LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Member

In addition to firm initiatives, I appreciate that King & Spalding supports me by supporting the LGBTQ+ youth organization on whose board I serve. It means a lot that the firm invests in me as a lawyer, but also invests in the LGBTQ+ community where we live and work.

Robert Benson, Partner and African American Affinity Group Member

I appreciate the way the firm has supported me in my progression to my current role as partner. I have had the opportunity to take on leadership positions across the firm – which has allowed me to expand the breadth of my practice in the U.S. and across the globe.