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University Industry Demonstration Partnership General Meeting

King & Spalding is proud to serve as a lead sponsor of the University Industry Demonstration Partnership General Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, October 5-7. UIDP is a project-oriented organization where members identify issues impacting university-industry (U-I) relations and opportunities to develop new approaches to working together.

UIDP meetings seek to assist participants in understanding the tactical side of university-industry collaboration. Meeting attendees are looking to learn about the specific details of how collaborations are initiated, what hurdles were addressed (and how), which offices were critical, and the lessons learned from the partnerships which are discussed.

Meeting attendees come from a variety of fields and disciplines, and presenters focus on the mechanics of the partnership as opposed to the technical details of the projects that the partnership addressed.

Attendees are predominately member representatives. The UIDP membership is approximately two universities for every company, including representatives from the following University offices: Vice President for Research Office, Deans, Corporate Relations, Technology Transfer, Research Administration, and Economic Development. There are also a small number of service providers and non-profit representatives at the event. Corporate attendees include representatives from university relations, technology scouting, legal affairs, and contracting.

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Date: October 7, 2016