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The Convergence Of Trade Secret Theft And Cybersecurity: An In-House Counsel’s Primer

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies face significant risks with respect to trade secrets theft – risks which often implicate cyber security concerns. Using hypothetical but common real-world scenarios, this Webinar will provide an overview of the unique risks the pharmaceutical and medical device industries face with respect to trade secrets theft and related information security issues. Then, looking to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a comparative guide, this session will address the most cost-effective means of protecting trade secrets, including:

  • identifying and prioritizing your company's "crown jewel" trade secrets and other sensitive information;
  • protecting that information by evaluating your company's trade secrets and cyber security policies and procedures;
  • detecting trade secret theft or weaknesses in your security program;
  • preparing to respond to trade secret theft by implementing a written incident response plan; and,
  • ensuring that your trade secret program is designed to evolve and adapt with your company and the sensitive information it holds.

Finally, this session will discuss in detail the civil and criminal remedies that are available in this area, and how your company should prepare in advance to effectively take advantage of them.

You do not have to be a client to attend, and there is no charge.

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