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Nabil Issa, Simon Rahimzada, Asal Saghari to Speak About Landmark Changes for Investments in the UAE Economy

Dubai Corporate, Finance and Investments partners Nabil Issa and Simon Rahimzada and counsel Asal Saghari will host a joint discussion with the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates titled “Landmark Changes for Investments in the UAE Economy” on July 6. The discussion will cover the following topics:

  • Recent changes to investment-related legislation in the UAE, including the new foreign ownership laws
  • The MOE’s perspective on drivers for change and goals for the UAE economy
  • Excluded commercial activities, i.e., those still requiring local ownership.
  • The continued use, and purpose, of Freezones
  • Growth of Venture Capital and SME investments
  • Lending to SMEs.
Event Details

Date: July 6, 2021