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March 3, 2021

Biden Administration Reviewing Medicaid Work Requirements in Georgia and Other States

As previously reported, in October 2020, the Trump administration approved Georgia’s Section 1115 demonstration project, Georgia Pathways to Coverage.  The demonstration partially expanded Medicaid coverage for adults not otherwise eligible for Medicaid coverage with the requirement that participants ages 19 through 64 report 80 hours per month of community engagement activities, such as employment, education, job skills training, or community service, as a condition of initial and continued Medicaid eligibility.  According to a letter sent by CMS on February 12, 2021, CMS is commencing a process of determining whether to withdraw approval of the Georgia Pathways to Coverage project community engagement requirements, citing concerns about the workability of the requirements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  CMS is taking similar steps in other states with work requirements, including Ohio, Utah, Arkansas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Indiana, and Nebraska.