International Trade

Located in Washington, D.C., Geneva, and London, our International Trade team assists major U.S. and non-U.S. manufacturers and service providers in advancing their business interests, and sovereign and industry clients in securing their trade and investment objectives, through a range of international trade regulatory, dispute settlement, litigation, policy, and enforcement mechanisms.

Our international team, including former government and WTO officials, trade remedy accounting and data specialists, and foreign legal experts, practices before the full range of governmental and international bodies to help our clients manage:


  • Trade remedy cases, including anti-dumping, countervailing duty (anti-subsidy), safeguard, and other actions, in the United States, Latin America and Asia, including the largest-ever antidumping case against China and the first countervailing duty petition to be successfully filed in the United States against subsidized imports from China;
  • WTO dispute settlements and other WTO matters, including advising governments on accession negotiations, multilateral trade negotiations, implementation of WTO commitments, and market access strategies for goods and services;
  • Customs compliance and litigation, including requirements of U.S. customs law for importers and associated audits and enforcement actions; and UK and EU customs laws and related policy;
  • Section 337 investigations before the U.S. International Trade Commission, in which companies are injured by unfairly traded imported products, including products that infringe valid and enforceable U.S. intellectual property rights and in which our capabilities in electrical, computer and mechanical patents are advantageous in the majority of investigations;
  • U.S., UK and EU export control laws, economic sanctions, and anti-money laundering laws, including assisting with export classification and licensing, developing and implementing internal compliance systems, investigating violations, and responding to enforcement actions brought by government trade control agencies;
  • Market access, including how to reduce or eliminate barriers to market access under existing international trade agreements and how international trade obligations may affect current or future investments or operations;
  • International trade policy, lobbying and legislation, through our firm’s advocacy before the U.S. Congress, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the UK Department of Trade and Industry, the European Commission, and other U.S., UK, EU and intergovernmental bodies on multilateral and bilateral trade issues; and
  • Additional areas of trade practice, including matters involving CFIUS reviews, applications for GSP preferences, foreign trade zone applications, U.S. Section 232 actions, and e-commerce issues.

Across these efforts, we work to add value by making the international trade laws and treaty systems work for our clients.

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Stephen J. Orava (Steve)
Washington, D.C.

Iain MacVay

Daniel Crosby

Christine E. Savage
Washington, D.C.

Stephen A. Jones (Steve)
Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey M. Telep (Jeff)
Washington, D.C.

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