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In the News · Source: Law360, Mealey's Daily News Update - Toxic Tort/Environmental and Emerging Toxic Torts: Mealey's Litigation Report

October 18, 2022
Andrew Stakelum, Craig Stanfield and Tracie Renfroe represent Baker Hughes, Dresser and GE Oil & Gas before the Fifth Circuit in a soil and groundwater pollution dispute

In the News · Source: New York Law Journal

October 4, 2022
New York Law Journal profiles Rising Star Shaila Rahman Diwan

In the News · Source: Discovery: Mealey's Litigation Report

October 1, 2022
Greg Scott counsels Bestwall in its asbestos liability Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings

In the News · Source: Mealey's Daily News Update - Toxic Tort/Environmental and Pollution Liability: Mealey's Litigation Report

September 22, 2022
Fritz Zimmer, Troy McMahan and Peter Hsiao counsel Monsanto in a dispute with the city of Seattle over PCB contamination in the Lower Duwamish River