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March 21, 2019

State of Utah Achieves Litigation Wins in Gold King Mine Blowout Case

In February and March 2019, the Utah Attorney General and King & Spalding won major victories in multidistrict litigation regarding the Gold King Mine Blowout, which caused more than three million gallons of toxic mining waste to foul the rivers of three different states and the Navajo Nation. The U.S. District Court for New Mexico denied motions to dismiss brought by the EPA and its contractors who allegedly caused the spill, citing Utah’s showing that EPA has not commenced or planned any remedial action in the state. The disaster received widespread attention and was investigated by Congress, the EPA Inspector General and other federal agencies. The Court’s ruling allows Utah’s lawsuit to proceed to compel the environmental cleanup and for natural resource damages. The matter is In re Gold King Mine Release in San Juan Cty, Colo., 2019 BL 96235, D.N.M., No. 18-md-02824. The Utah Attorney General’s press release on this development can be found here.