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March 19, 2021

Recent Violence Targeting Asian-Americans

Robert Hays, chairman of King & Spalding, shared the following message internally:  

Dear colleagues –

The horrific murders in Atlanta earlier this week once again spotlight the ever-increasing and ongoing need to confront racism and hatred in our society. As a firm, we are saddened and outraged by the increasing violence and harassment suffered by the Asian-American community. We condemn all forms of race or gender-motivated aggression.

True to form, in light of these most recent incidents, many of you have spoken up and asked, “what can I do?” Our firm has longstanding relationships with a number of legal and pro bono organizations that address injustice in Asian-American communities, and Harold Franklin, our Diversity Partner, and Josh Toll, our Pro Bono Partner, are working with members of our Asian-American Affinity Group and others to evaluate other ways we can help, including through pro bono work, volunteering and philanthropy. This will be an extension of our efforts this past summer, where our firm, in partnership with more than 40 national and local legal and social justice organizations, doubled down on our deep-rooted commitment to help ensure equal justice for all.

In the meantime, we are a firm of inclusiveness and diversity. Let’s each continue to find ways we can support each other and our friends and family members who have been and are being impacted by these most recent events. As always, we are deeply thankful for and proud of your commitment to support social justice initiatives, our communities and one another. This work remains more vital than ever.