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LNG Opportunities in Vietnam: Insiders’ Perspectives

There are now abundant LNG related opportunities in Vietnam. Whether LNG procurement or supply, LNG-to-Power, or other LNG related infrastructure projects, Vietnam appears to be on the threshold of becoming the newest LNG market in South East Asia.

Partners of King & Spalding, Richard Nelson, head of our global LNG practice and Luan Tran, a leading International Arbitration attorney and Vietnamese native discuss the viability of LNG in Vietnam with Dinh Thi Quynh Van, General Director and Country Senior Partner of PwC Vietnam and Lee Shir Heng, Senior Manager of The Lantau Group

In this lively discussion, our speakers will explore the future prospects for LNG in Vietnam and some of the challenges and opportunities for foreign investors covering:

  • The integration of LNG alongside domestic gas supplies and policy shifts that will enable this to occur
  • Whether key stakeholders such as MOIT, PVN and EVN are aligned and some of the obstacles to broadening out use of LNG
  • How compatible renewable energy is alongside more conventional energy sources
  • How the government’s PPP / infrastructure model will affect new energy projects in future
  • How amenable Vietnam is to Foreign Direct Investment and the protections available for foreign investors
  • How foreign investors can select a strong, credible, reputable local partner for projects in Vietnam
  • Suggestions for foreign investors interested in LNG opportunities in Vietnam

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Richard Nelson
King & Spalding
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Luan Tran
King & Spalding
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Dinh Thi Quynh Van
Lead Partner
PwC Vietnam
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Lee Shir Heng
Senior Manager
The Lantau Group
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Date: March 31, 2021


If you have any questions, contact Annabel Mahé.

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