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John Shakow to Speak at Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Conference

Washington, D.C., FDA and Life Sciences partner John Shakow will speak at the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Conference in Chicago on Sept. 24-25. John will deliver three presentations at the conference. First, John will deliver a principal keynote titled “Breaking Up Might Not Be So Hard to Do After All: MDRP Withdrawal as a Viable Option,” which will a focus on withdrawal from the MDRP as a choice for drug manufacturers. Second, he will participate in a legal plenary session titled “Fireside Chat: External Counsel Roundtable.” Third, John will deliver the conference-closing plenary session titled “Bringing It All Together: MDRP 2019 Summary & Critical Takeaways.” More information can be found here.

Event Details

Date: September 24, 2019