Energy Regulatory

Energy industry rules and regulations evolve even as complex projects are being planned, financed and run. Our energy regulatory team helps major LNG, oil and gas, and power companies understand, and comply with the development of rules governing their U.S. projects under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) jurisdiction. We work closely with our projects, construction, and environmental teams to deliver holistic counsel on pioneering energy projects and the related compliance, regulatory and litigation issues that can arise.

Our firm’s energy litigators, a number of whom have previous government experience at the FERC, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice, regularly represent clients in complex regulatory litigation before, and investigations undertaken by, the FERC, the departments of Energy, Commerce, the Interior, and Agriculture, and many other federal and state regulatory bodies. They also bring extensive experience in energy disputes before judges, juries and international arbitration tribunals.

Our FERC team also frequently assists potential energy company acquirers and energy facility owners in analyzing and evaluating regulated energy assets and companies for possible purchase or disposition.

Advising leading LNG operators, we have played critical roles in many of the world’s highest-profile LNG projects, helping originate many of the commercial structures and agreements widely used in the industry today. Our FERC team assists LNG clients in advancing import and export terminal construction and licensing through compliance with the commission’s rules. We also serve competitive power suppliers throughout the U.S., helping them to manage energy regulatory and compliance issues related to the FERC.

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