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COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

March 17, 2021

White House COVID-19 Response Team Addresses Vaccine Passports

Government leaders are considering the viability of vaccine passports to maintain a balance between safety and reopening the economy. A vaccine passport “would provide official proof that someone has been vaccinated and grant them access to activities that are off-limits to others.” When asked about the federal government’s role in developing vaccine passports, Andy Slavitt, a senior adviser on the White House's coronavirus response team, said that it is “not the role of the government to hold that data and to do that.”

However, Slavitt indicated the Biden administration recognizes that vaccinated individuals need a reliable system to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated. “It should be private. The data should be secure. Access to it should be free. It should be available both digitally and in paper and in multiple languages. And it should be open source,” Slavitt said.

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