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February 19, 2021

White House COVID-19 Response Team Addresses Impact of Severe Weather on Vaccine Rollout

During the February 19, 2021 White House COVID-19 Response Team press briefing, Andy Slavitt, Senior Advisor to the COVID Response Coordinator, announced a current backlog of about six million doses due to inclement weather. These doses represent three days of delayed shipping. Several factors have contributed to these delays. First, the logistics and distribution teams, FedEx, UPS, and McKesson, have faced challenges packaging and shipping vaccines due to workers being snowed in and unable to commute to work. Second, road closures have held up deliveries between manufacturing sites, distribution centers, and shipping hubs. Third, over 2,000 vaccine sites are located in areas with power outages and have been unable to receive doses. All 50 states have been impacted.

Distribution teams and manufacturing plants will work through the weekend to clear the backlog. 1.4 million doses are already in transit, and the White House anticipates that all backlogged doses will be delivered within the next week.

Slavitt also announced that five federal run vaccination centers are scheduled to open in Florida and Pennsylvania. The four major vaccination centers in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa will have the capacity to administer 12,000 doses per day. The vaccination center in Philadelphia will have the capacity to administer 6,000 doses per day.

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