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November 8, 2013

Spencer Stuart Board Index 2013

Spencer Stuart recently published the Spencer Stuart Board Index 2013. The Board Indexis based on an analysis of the most recent S&P 500 proxy statements and a governance survey of corporate secretaries and general counsel.

The Board Index contains Spencer Stuarts observations on several governance themes, including:

Portrait of the Boardroom:

*Independent directors are older than they were a decade ago; contributing factors include rising retirement ages and an increase in the recruitment of retired executives.

*Some boards are prioritizing new areas of expertise, for example digital or social media.

Director Profiles: survey respondents indicated that the most desired profiles for new directors include:

*Minorities (56%)

*Women (54%)

*Active CEOs/COOs (54%)


*Director compensation continues to increase; total director compensation now averages $249,168 (S&P 500).

*Boards are phasing out meeting fees and replacing with committee retainers.

*The number of boards providing equity in addition to cash continues to increase (now over 75% of the S&P 500).

*The equity mix has shifted toward share grants and away from stock options.

In addition, the Board Index includes significant data (including 5 and 10 year trends) on a variety of board governance topics, including:

*Board makeup/demographics,

*Board organization and process, and

*Director compensation.

The Spencer Stuart Board Indexis published on an annual basis by Spencer Stuart, a leading executive search consulting firm that regularly publishes research and insight on governance matters.