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May 8, 2013

Leading the Top 100 Companies – Agenda’s 2012 Board Leadership Guide

presents statistics on items such as board leadership, director tenure and women board leaders as an introduction to its guide of the Fortune 100s board leaders. The guide identifies each corporations board leader and whether such individual is the lead director, non-executive chairman, chairman and CEO or presiding director. The name and brief bio of each non-management board leader is accompanied by a statement on the corporations policy on the separation of the chairman and CEO roles, an explanation of its board leadership structure, any additional remuneration of the board leader, whether the corporation has a rotation policy and any important changes from the prior year. This guide can help serve as a resource to directors that are undergoing a board leadership and governance review at their respective companies.

was published in August 2012 and is available with a subscription. Additional information about Agenda can be found at