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Directors Governance Center

January 23, 2014

Key Considerations for Board and Audit Committee Members, 2013-2014 (PwC)

PwCs highlights some key topics likely to appear on board agendas in 2014. Directors may be particularly interested in the Director considerations for each topic, which set forth practical advice directors can use to enhance the quality of their discussions with management. Among the topics projected to be relevant in 2014 and covered by the report are the following:

*impact of megatrends on strategy;

*focus on customer engagement and customer-centric business strategies;

*treatment of supply chains as strategic assets;

*use of emerging technologies, including social media and mobile devices, and use of Big Data;

*oversight of cybersecurity and third-party risks;

*attraction and retention of talent at the management and board levels and board renewal;

*oversight of fraud risks and ethics and compliance programs;

*keeping up with new accounting and reporting rules, regulations and proposals;

*communications between the board and stakeholders; and

*enhancement of audit committee reports.

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