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November 14, 2013

Improving Board Diversity – Tips from WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD)

While the extensive hype around two of the most talked about IPOs in recent years, Twitter and Facebook, may have shown us how much has changed in the way we communicate, both IPOs left many wondering if the same advancements have been made when it comes to board diversity. Both companies took heat leading up to their IPOs because their boards of directors lacked diversity. Facebook has since added two female directors, and Twitter has indicated that increasing diversity on its board is an immediate priority. However, these two examples highlight a topic that many companies and their directors are currently grappling withhow to improve diversity in the boardroom. While many articles discussing this topic are quick to correctly point out the problems and disadvantages with a lack of boardroom diversity, not many actually provide directors and nominating committees with helpful guidance on steps they can take to identify qualified candidates that will help diversify their board. That is why it is refreshing to find the , an article posted by on the roadmap developed by and its Global Nominating Commission to provide tips for decision-makers that are looking to improve board diversity. This article lists 14 actions that nominating committees and other decision-makers can take in their efforts to increase diversity at the board level.

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