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March 28, 2014

Current Trends in Governance (The Koblentz Group – Boardroom Alert)

The Koblentz Group, an executive and director search firm, shares insights from its consultations with boards and CEOs on two current boardroom trends and qualifications sought in new directors in a recent :

*Boards are becoming more forward thinking, and in particular are engaging CEOs on a range of topicsfrom strategic insightstoperformance expectations. As a result, Koblentz expects CEO turnover to increase in 2014.

*Boards will engage more with shareholder activists in 2014 as activists continue to gain influence and boards embrace the insights they may provide in a more constructive way.

*Boards are seeking candidates with both the experience and wisdom to match their boards, on the one hand, and with innovative insights on e-commerce, social media and interaction with activist investors, on the other hand.

The Koblentz Group is a global executive and board of director search firm specializing in recruiting senior leaders and corporate directors. The Koblentz Group periodically publishes Boardroom Alerts on its website.

Contributing Author: The Koblentz Group