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July 25, 2017

China Issue New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan

On July 20, the State Council of China published the New-generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in China for the next 13 years. The Plan aims to have China’s overall AI technology and application level reach the world advanced level by 2020; have certain AI technology and application level reach the world leading level by 2025; and have the overall level reach the world leading level by 2030 and become the main AI innovation center in the world. In particular, the Plan gives priority to following key tasks: building open and synergistic AI technology innovation system; cultivating high-end and high-efficiency smart economy; building safe and convenient smart society; strengthening the military and civil integration in the AI area; building safe and high-efficiency smart infrastructure system; and launching key new-generation AI projects. As supporting measures, the Plan calls on the government to implement preferential tax policies to support AI firms, increase government funds to support AI R&D and industrialization, use existing government investment funds to support qualified AI projects, and encourage backbone enterprises and industrial associations to establish AI development funds and guide social funds, such as venture capital funds and angel investment funds, to support AI development.