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At King & Spalding, we understand that technology is a product as well as an industry. In an increasingly digital business landscape, you need lawyers who are technologists, business counsellors, and top-tier professionals, constantly at the cutting edge of the thinking in the industry. We are those lawyers.

We Know the Industry and Landscape

King & Spalding's Technology Practice Group provides our clients with exceptional legal services that address the complex issues inherent to the technology sector in a practical, holistic way. We rely on a deep bench of multidisciplinary experts in commercial contracts, M&A, joint ventures, tax, complex licensing and strategic alliances, privacy and data security, intellectual property, business litigation, regulatory control and government oversight to guide our clients as they navigate an increasingly nuanced legal and regulatory landscape.

We represent national and international entities that span the entire technological ecosystem from software, hardware, cloud, mobile and services start-ups that are challenging traditional business models to well-established, Fortune 50 companies that are transforming the way our global economy will develop. That means we have a 360 degree perspective on the technology industry’s current trends and challenges, so we consistently deliver innovative solutions that support the growth of your market share, reduce your risk profile and help you achieve your strategic objectives.

We Understand Complex Technology

The exponential rate at which technology is driving change in today’s products and business models is hard for many to comprehend. Businesses today are able to measure, track, process and analyze information at a rate and to a degree of detail that was unimaginable a few years ago. What was science fiction is now becoming common place.

So as technology becomes core to more and more of our clients, our approach for meeting those needs are:

  • Bring Subject Matter Expertise: King & Spalding's Technology Practice Group consists of a deep bench of technology experts, many with science degrees and years of industry experience. We know the jargon, the acronyms, the game-changing products and the key players. We work with our clients to anticipate how the new normal will challenge the existing legal, regulatory, and business constructs and come up with thoughtful, well-balanced solutions to meet those challenges head on.

  • Keep It Simple: The technology is complex enough without adding legal uncertainty into the mix. We encourage all sides to be clear, flexible and realistic in their allocation of rights, responsibilities and risks. That way the documents underlying your relationships are directed at your key business and legal issues, allowing you to focus on executing your business strategies.

  • Build Relationships: In an increasingly interconnected world, there are very few bilateral or multilateral arrangements that are point-in-time agreements. We believe that the tone of your contract negotiations will set the tone of your relationships going forward. So, we encourage trust, collaboration and pragmatism among stakeholders but we build a flexible contractual framework to allow those relationships to evolve over time. We know that in technology, the only constant is change so we seek to make sure your relationships can keep up with the pace of that change.
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