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Political Law


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Over the last several years, the political law arena has been particularly active in terms of comprehensive federal statutory and rules changes, corresponding regulatory activity, a landmark Supreme Court case, numerous significant advisory opinions issued by the Federal Election Commission, as well as extensive activity at the state and local levels.  As another election cycle begins, political law practitioners must be vigilant in monitoring and addressing each new development in this growing area in order to best represent their often varied clients and their compliance needs. 

Lawyers in King & Spalding’s Political Law Practice Group regularly counsel individuals; corporations; partnerships; trade associations; nonprofit organizations; and political committees, parties and candidates in complying with all aspects of campaign finance, ethics and lobbying activities. 

Although the laws and regulations that govern these areas are altered frequently, our Political Law team members are committed to ensuring that our clients are kept abreast of all changes to campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws at the federal, state and local levels, so that clients may engage in these activities without negative or adverse repercussions. 

Among the many services that we provide clients to help them avoid these potential pitfalls are compliance training and record-keeping programs.  Since most of our clients’ political activities simultaneously fall under the jurisdiction of federal, state and local government laws and regulations, these services are particularly invaluable to our clients in helping them maintain their political security. 

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