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Intellectual Property
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Intellectual property (“IP”) rights continue to be among the most valuable assets of many businesses in the global economy, and the ability to exploit, protect and enforce IP rights on an international basis is very often business critical.  Bringing litigation in court over IP rights can be complicated and may not adequately address needs of a business .  For example, to enforce patent rights in different countries around the world, the rights-holder might have to initiate court proceedings in every jurisdiction in which the patent is allegedly infringed.  Not only does this lead to disputes in multiple forums and the potential for inconsistent results, it also exposes the rights-holder to the possibility of litigating in courts that lack a track record of giving foreign litigants fair and transparent means for resolving disputes.   As a result, the use of arbitration to resolve IP disputes is on the rise and King & Spalding's team of expert lawyers are at the forefront of these issues assisting clients in resolving multiple "national" disputes involving the same IP rights in a single fair proceeding.

King and Spalding's IP arbitration lawyers have successfully represented clients in disputes arising in connection with technology licenses, international trademark and patent infringement, the rights and obligations arising under joint research and development initiatives, and copyright infringement matters.  Our IP arbitration lawyers have handled arbitrations involving breach of contract, infringement, enforcement, misuse of confidential information, trade secret theft, industrial espionage, - and ownership of or entitlement to technology whether via licenses or otherwise.  The King & Spalding IP arbitration team has represented clients in arbitrations governed by the rules of the LCIA, ICC, ICDR, CAM Santiago, UNCITRAL and WIPO.

King & Spalding brings unparalleled expertise to this area of law, combining lawyers from its International Arbitration and Intellectual Property groups to bring together not only in-depth technical expertise, but also a firm grasp of the procedural and strategic intricacies that can often mean the difference between a favorable award or a company-threatening defeat. As one of the only major law firms that combine globally ranked practices in both International Arbitration and Intellectual Property, King & Spalding provides clients a competitive advantage in the successful resolution of IP-related arbitrations.

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