Corporate Governance

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Implementing Best Practices

Since the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley and changes in stock exchange listing standards, compliance with more rigorous corporate governance requirements has become critical for all public companies. Beyond compliance with these requirements, companies and their directors have increasingly recognized that corporate performance and leadership can be improved through the adoption of appropriate corporate governance practices.

Our Corporate Governance Practice Group consists of more than 40 lawyers from a number of practice areas, including corporate, securities, M&A, tax, compensation and benefits, employment law and litigation. Our clients benefit from our reputation for integrity, effectiveness and thorough knowledge of the applicable laws and stock exchange listing standards and our practical experience in assisting clients with corporate governance matters.

Lead Director Network

In recent years, the boards of most public companies have appointed a "lead" director, a "presiding" director or a non-executive chairman. While boards were quick to appoint these new leaders, there has been little consensus or common practice on the questions of which responsibilities lead directors should undertake and how they should interact with other groups (such as senior management and shareholders). In order to consider such issues, King & Spalding and Tapestry Networks have created the Lead Director Network( LDN). The LDN brings together a select group of lead directors, presiding directors, and non-executive chairmen from many of America's leading companies for private discussions about how to improve the performance of their corporations and earn the trust of their shareholders through more effective board leadership.

National Recognition

King & Spalding is among the top 20 law firms in the United States advising on corporate governance matters according to Corporate Board Member magazine’s 2014 annual survey, “America's Best Corporate Law Firms.”

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