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Intellectual Property
Trade Secrets & Non-Compete
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From counseling to litigation, lawyers in King & Spalding’s Intellectual Property Group have experience in all aspects of copyright law. Historically, this has involved print media, film, designs and motion pictures. With the development of digital technology, there has been increased attention to, and emphasis on, protection afforded under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Clients have come to King & Spalding for help in the protection of a wide range of intellectual property ranging from books and directories to computer software. We have counseled clients in the areas of “Work-for-Hire” issues and related agreements, assignment and registration of copyrights, clearances relating to product launches, Berne Convention rights, copyright protection in nations outside the U.S., and First Amendment rights and other publishing issues.

When clients are involved in disputes relating to copyrights and are not able to resolve them, lawyers at King & Spalding litigate copyright issues. Our experience involves a broad range of issues, including telephone directories (we have been involved in landmark Supreme Court litigation), insurance policies, designer linens, financial publications, First Amendment rights and computer software.

In addition to advising clients on a broad range of copyright issues and litigating unresolved issues, our lawyers have been involved in bar association activities relating to copyright law. Through these efforts, lawyers at King & Spalding have been at the forefront in the developing areas of copyright protection.

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