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Rising to the Challenge

Climate change presents a unique challenge to governments as well as businesses in virtually every sector of the global economy, and the uncertainty and scope of regulatory responses require engagement to be proactive and principled in order to advance interests related to international negotiations and national measures.  King & Spalding’s Climate Change Practice is known for addressing climate change issues the way our clients do – as a business issue of practical national interest, and not merely as environmental regulation.  We are a cross-disciplinary group that assesses the risks and opportunities when climate change issues present themselves, whether in negotiations, policy formulation, litigation, regulation, project development, international trade and finance, and other international and national areas touched by climate change-related regulation.  We support our clients in the evaluation, development, and implementation of related measures, policies, and practices, with the objective of balancing environmental and political initiatives with sound and effective economic policies.

At King & Spalding, we recognize the challenges faced by our clients in responding to the evolving climate change landscape.  Our clients seek to be aware of the latest trends and to see around corners into the future of the climate change debate; they need to influence public thinking, to support research and offer practical solutions to environmental challenges without causing undue harm to national economic interests and business; our clients also influence national policies and legislation that set the stage for international rule-making and architecture; and, when necessary, they defend their interests regarding environmental regulations.

Our global presence, anchored in a world-scale energy practice, allows us to assist businesses in navigating the complexity of climate change issues.  This includes:

  • Providing strategic legal advice to the traditional and shale gas and oil industries, ethanol, biodiesel, solar, biogas, wind, energy storage, geothermal and hydropower projects and transactions, as well as “clean coal,” nuclear and biomass, and other alternative energy projects. 

  • Helping sovereign and corporate clients develop strategies for effective engagement with legislators, regulators and negotiators.

  • Partnering with our clients to evaluate business risks and opportunities presented by climate change.

  • Helping companies navigate the permitting process for major new developments, from beginning to end, often in the face of intense scrutiny and vocal opposition.

  • Representing leading energy companies and organizations in the nation’s key climate change lawsuits. 

  • Advising on the consistency of climate change measures with international environmental treaties and World Trade Organization obligations.

  • Providing legal support to sovereign clients pursuing their strategic interests in the context of the climate change negotiations under various national and international fora.

Our Climate Change Practice includes lawyers with deep experience in climate change matters and expertise in diverse practice areas, including environmental regulation and litigation, government advocacy and public policy, international trade, sovereign multilateral and bilateral negotiations, global projects and transactions, and energy.  We also have a deep bench of subject matter experts in tax, finance, land use, international arbitration, antitrust, and government investigations.

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