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Appellate, Constitutional and Administrative Law Firm


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At every level of the federal and state appellate court systems, King & Spalding’s lawyers have successfully represented clients in complex litigation across all areas of the law.  We represent clients in appeals for cases that we originally tried — often seeking to retain the excellent results garnered by our trial counsel.  We are also frequently retained to handle the appeal in cases that were tried by other firms.  And clients often contact the firm to handle matters before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Partners in our D.C.-based national appellate practice group include Daryl L. Joseffer, a former Principal Deputy in the Office of the Solicitor General; Jeffrey S. Bucholtz, a former Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice; and Ashley C. Parrish, an appellate specialist with extensive experience handling strategic litigation and administrative law matters.  The practice is supported by eleven associates, all of whom held prestigious appellate clerkships before joining the firm, including six associates who clerked for Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.  In addition to this core group, the firm boasts more than 50 attorneys with expertise in appellate litigation and the ability to provide our clients from with superior appellate advocacy across the full range of litigation, regulatory, and dispute resolution practices.

Our appellate lawyers are sought out for their strategic advice and counseling, persuasively written briefs, and superior oral advocacy skills.  They thrive and excel in handling difficult, groundbreaking cases where the stakes are high, the legal questions untested, and innovative thinking is required.  And they are respected for their ability to simplify technical issues and convey our clients’ positions in a clear, straightforward, and persuasive fashion, achieving outstanding results both on appeal and in framing legal arguments at the trial level.

In addition to representing clients in high-profile appeals, the firm’s appellate practice also provides strategic counseling and advice on legal issues well before they reach the appellate courts.  Our lawyers are frequently retained to brief and argue constitutional and other complex legal issues in trial courts to ensure that legal arguments are properly preserved for further appeal.  We assist our clients with pretrial motions, preparation of jury instructions, presentation of motions and objections during trial, post-trial motions, and pre-appellate evaluation and mediation of cases.  Our appellate lawyers also analyze pending legislation and regulations to assess their constitutionality and to evaluate the viability of legal challenges.

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