Pulina Whitaker


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Pulina Whitaker

T: +44 20 7551 7586
F: +44 20 7551 7575

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Pulina Whitaker is a UK qualified lawyer in King & Spalding’s London office.  She is a Partner in the London Employment and Benefits Practice.

Ms. Whitaker’s practice focuses on:

  • transactional employment law in sales and acquisitions, commercial outsourcings and corporate reorganisations, specifically negotiating warranty and indemnity provisions and disclosures in the transactional documentation and advising on reorganisations and information and consultation obligations in the UK and across other European jurisdictions;

  • acting for corporates and multinationals in defence of  claims for unfair dismissal, sex, race, religious, age and disability discrimination and breach of contract (including share and bonus entitlements);

  • advising on redundancy programmes and restructuring exercises and co-ordinating these projects across other European jurisdictions;

  • advising on the offer of US and UK stock and stock option incentive arrangements globally, including co-ordinating filings and advising on entitlements on termination of employment;

  • advising on European data privacy and anti-bribery issues, including in connection with FCPA investigations, the Bribery Act and export control arrangements;

  • advising on whistleblowing hotlines for European-based companies, including European data protection requirements and compliance with SOX requirements; and

  • international investigations and compliance arrangements.


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Ms Whitaker obtained an LLB (Hons) from the University of Bristol in 1996 and completed her legal studies at the College of Law, Chester, in 1997.  She qualified as a lawyer in 1999.  She is admitted to practice in England and Wales and holds professional memberships of the Law Society of England and Wales and the Employment Lawyers Association.  She speaks French and Italian.


Haven, (Committee Member)
Law Society of England and Wales
Employment Lawyers Association

L.P.C., College of Law, Chester, UK
LL.B., honours, University of Bristol, UK

England and Wales