Summer Program

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Our summer program is an opportunity for you to learn first-hand what it is like to be a lawyer at King & Spalding. The program’s primary goal is to provide you with a realistic picture of the practice of law in various substantive areas. As a summer associate, you will work on challenging matters for real clients.

We believe it is also essential for you to get know our lawyers on a personal level and for us to get to know you. Our summer program incorporates a number of social events that allow you to meet lawyers in an informal setting providing you with insight into our firm’s culture and our people.

2016 Summer Associate Program

King & Spalding hosted a total of 50 law students in our Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Washington, D.C., offices.

Summer Program Administration

The King & Spalding summer program is coordinated by the summer administrative team in each office, including the recruiting staff, hiring partner and other designated lawyers. This team monitors summer associate workloads, takes the lead in summer associate training and conducts formal mid-summer and end-of-summer reviews.

Summer Program Assignments

As a summer associate at King & Spalding, you will work on matters in the practice group(s) in which you are interested. In some offices, there is a formal practice group rotation program. Practice groups vary by office.

Within each practice group, a subset of lawyers act as their group’s “work coordinators.” The work coordinators manage assignments for all summer associates rotating through their practice group. Additionally, work coordinators ensure that you receive an overview of how the group operates, the work done by lawyers within the group and the types of projects you could expect to work on as a junior associate.

Pro Bono Opportunities

In addition, all summer associates are encouraged to work on pro bono assignments during their summer clerkship. This provides a unique opportunity for you to work on matters outside the scope of our typical practice and comports with King & Spalding’s continuing commitment to pro bono work. Our firmwide pro bono partner oversees summer associate participation in pro bono matters.

Summer Associate Training

You will participate in orientation and training during your first week at the firm. In addition, all summer associates are encouraged to attend various training programs; practice group, office and firm meetings; as well as weekly luncheons on a variety of topics.

Because of the importance of written work product to lawyers and clients, King & Spalding lawyers teach a course early in the summer program on improving legal research and writing skills. At this program, you will learn techniques to make your writing as clear and forceful as possible.

Most importantly, you will receive hands-on training by working closely with our lawyers on client matters, as well as observing closings, hearings, client meetings, negotiation sessions, depositions and trials, whenever possible.

Summer Advisors

You will be assigned one or two summer advisors. The summer advisor acts as your liaison, both socially and professionally, by facilitating introductions, providing guidance on work assignments and acclimating you to the firm.

Feedback and Evaluations

You will regularly receive formal and informal feedback from the lawyers with whom you work throughout the summer. You will receive formal mid-summer and end-of-summer reviews. You will also have an opportunity to provide your feedback during these reviews.

Summer Social Activities

The recruiting team and practice groups organize social activities throughout the summer. Some of our prior summer social activities in our various offices have included: a welcome event, a day at the lake, outdoor concerts, Broadway shows, baseball games, bowling and happy hours. In addition, summer associates are frequently invited to enjoy lunches, dinners and other informal activities hosted by individual lawyers, including gatherings at the homes of partners and associates.

Split Summers

We prefer that you spend the full summer with King & Spalding. If you decide to split your summer, however, we require that you spend a minimum number of consecutive weeks in our program. Our Atlanta, Charlotte, California and Washington, D.C. programs require six weeks during the first part of the summer. Our New York program requires eight weeks during the first part of the summer. Our Houston program requires six consecutive weeks during the program.

Summer Associate Salary

Our summer associate salary varies by office and is competitive in the local market.

Summer Housing

Our recruiting team will provide you with various resources to assist you in obtaining summer housing.

New Associate Offers

The size of our summer associate class is determined by our forecasted practice group needs in two years’ time, when that summer class would join the firm as new associates. We manage the size of our summer program to ensure that all summer associates have the potential to receive a permanent offer, provided their performance meets the firm’s expectations. Accordingly, we are consistently able to achieve a high offer rate to our summer associates.