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King & Spalding’s Ongoing International Expansion Yields Impressive Results in 2012 Chambers Global Guide

16 Mar 2012

LONDON, March 16, 2012 – King & Spalding’s concentrated efforts to expand its global offering are paying dividends, as evidenced by the latest results from Chambers Global. The 2012 edition of the prestigious guide again recognizes King & Spalding as one of the world’s preeminent international law firms, awarding 28 practice rankings to the firm. In addition, 43 King & Spalding lawyers earned 68 listings identifying them as leaders in their respective fields.

The firm obtained five new practice recognitions this year (Global-wide Projects; Asia Pacific Arbitration (International); Latin America-wide Projects; Singapore Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (International Firms); and Singapore Projects & Energy) and improved its rankings in five additional areas (Global-wide Projects & Energy: Oil & Gas; Europe-wide International Trade/ WTO; UAE Corporate/ Commercial; UAE Construction and UAE Real Estate). King & Spalding lawyers also earned 28 new individual listings, including the firm’s first appearances in the Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Venezuela sections.

Each year, Chambers researches the legal markets in more than 180 countries, identifying the leading law firms and practitioners worldwide through interviews with thousands of lawyers and their clients. Rankings are assessed based on technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial awareness/astuteness, diligence, commitment and other qualities valued by clients.

The firm and its lawyers received the following rankings in this year’s guide:


Arbitration (International) (Band 2)

  • Doak Bishop (Band 1)
  • Eric Schwartz (Band 2)
  • John Bowman (Band 3)
  • Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez (Band 4)
  • James Castello (Band 4)
  • Edward Kehoe (Band 4)
  • John Savage (Band 4)

Banking & Finance: Islamic Finance (Band 2)

International Trade/WTO (Band 3)

Projects (Band 4)

Projects & Energy: Oil & Gas (Band 2)

Asia-Pacific Region

Arbitration (International) (Band 2)

  • John Savage (Band 1)


Arbitration (International)

  • Eric Schwartz (Band 1)

Arbitration (International): Most In Demand Arbitrators

  • Eric Schwartz (Band 1)

International Trade/WTO (Band 3)

  • Daniel C Crosby (Band 3)

Latin America-wide

International Arbitration (Band 1)

  • Doak Bishop (Band 1)
  • Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez (Band 2)
  • Roberto J Aguirre Luzi (Band 5)
  • Craig Miles (Band 5)

Projects (Band 4)

  • George E Crady (Band 4)

Middle East

Corporate/Commercial (Band 3)

Investment Funds (Band 1)

  • Nabil Issa (Band 2)
  • Benjamin R Newland (Band 2)

Islamic Finance (Band 2)

  • Jawad Ali (Band 2)

Projects & Energy (Band 3)

  • Tim Burbury (Band 3)
  • Leroy Levy (Band 3)
  • Philip R Weems (Band 3)


Dispute Resolution: International Arbitration

  • Eric Schwartz (Band 1)

Dispute Resolution: Most in Demand Arbitrators

  • Eric Schwartz (Band 2)


Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Counsel

  • Jan K Schäfer (Band 4)


Corporate/M&A (Experts Based Abroad) (Band 3)

  • Rahul Patel (Band 3)


Corporate/M&A (Experts Based Abroad)

  • Mark E Thompson (Band 4)

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Jennifer Josefson (Band 2)

Energy & Natural Resources (Foreign Experts)

  • Jennifer Josefson (Leading Individual)

Saudi Arabia

Banking & Finance (Band 3)

Corporate/Commercial (Band 2)

Corporate/Commercial (Experts Based Abroad)

  • Nabil Issa (Band 1)


Dispute Resolution: Arbitration: International Firms (Band 2)

  • John Savage (Band 1)

Projects & Energy (Foreign Experts)

  • Daniel R Rogers (Leading Individual)

Projects & Energy: International Firms (Band 2)

  • Daniel R Rogers (Band 2)
  • Philip R Weems (Band 3)


International Trade/WTO (Band 2)

  • Daniel C Crosby (Band 2)
  • Jasper Wauters (Band 2)


Banking & Finance: Islamic Finance

  • Michael Rainey (Up and Coming)

Corporate/M&A (Foreign Experts)

  • John L Keffer (Leading Individual)
  • Mark E Thompson (Leading Individual)

United Arab Emirates

Banking & Finance (Band 4)

  • Jawad Ali (Band 4)

Banking & Finance (Experts Based Abroad)

  • Isam Salah (Leading Individual)

Banking & Finance: Islamic Finance

  • Jawad Ali (Band 2)

Capital Markets: Debt

  • Rizwan H Kanji (Band 3)

Corporate/Commercial (Band 3)

  • Nabil Issa (Band 4)

Corporate/Commercial (Foreign Experts)

  • Nabil Issa (Leading Individual)

Real Estate & Construction: Construction (Band 2)

Real Estate & Construction: Construction (Non-contentious)

  • Tim Burbury (Band 2)

Real Estate & Construction: Real Estate (Band 3)


Banking & Finance

  • Margaret O'Neil (Band 3)

Banking & Finance (Foreign Experts)

  • Isam Salah (Leading Individual)

Capital Markets: REITs (Band 4)

  • Peter Genz (Band 2)

Capital Markets: Securitisation

  • Cameron Cowan (Senior Statesman)

Competition/Antitrust (Band 3)

  • Jeffrey Cashdan (Band 3)

Corporate/M&A (Foreign Experts)

  • Rahul Patel (Leading Individual)

Energy & Natural Resources (Experts Based Abroad)

  • Jennifer Josefson (Leading Individual)
  • Daniel R Rogers (Leading Individual)

Energy & Natural Resources (Foreign Experts)

  • Vera de Brito de Gyarfas (Leading Individual)

Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation) (Band 3)

  • Neil L Levy (Band 1)
  • David Tewksbury (Band 4)

Energy: Electricity (Transactional)

  • Crayton L Bell (Band 3)

International Trade (Band 2)

International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions

  • Christine Savage (Band 3)

International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy

  • Joseph W Dorn (Band 1)
  • Gilbert Kaplan (Band 3)
  • Steven J Orava (Band 3)

Litigation: Trial Lawyers

  • Ray Persons (Band 2)
  • Chilton Davis Varner (Band 2)


  • William G Roche (Band 4)


  • Kenneth S Culotta (Band 3)

Projects (Foreign Experts)

  • George E Crady (Leading Individual)

Projects: Oil & Gas (Band 3)


Energy & Natural Resources (Experts Based Abroad)

  • Vera de Brito de Gyarfas (Leading Individual)

To read the full commentary from Chambers Global research, click here.

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