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Budget Reconciliation – What Is It And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

11 Jan 2017, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (Eastern Time)                            

Program Speakers

Governor Bob Ehrlich, Tom Spulak, George Crawford, and special guest Peter Robinson, Former House and Senate Senior Assistant Parliamentarian.


It seems that a day doesn't go by without seeing a story that references budget reconciliation and how the Majority Leadership of the House and Senate intend to use it to achieve major portions of their legislative agenda pertaining to healthcare, including repeal of the Affordable Care Act, trade, energy, the environment, and financial services, including repeal of Dodd-Frank.

The reconciliation process was created in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and provides an expedited process for the consideration of tax and spending legislation. Importantly, a reconciliation bill is not subject to a filibuster and thus provides a vehicle for the passage of major, but potentially controversial, legislation. Ironically, the reconciliation process was used in 2010 to amend the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

On Wednesday, January 11th, King & Spalding's Government Advocacy and Public Policy Group will explain how reconciliation works and how it might be used this year to consider major elements of the Trump Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Governor Bob Ehrlich will provide the political context and explain areas in which the Republican majorities in the House and Senate may attempt to use reconciliation to achieve their legislative priorities. Tom Spulak and George Crawford, joined by very special guest participant, former House and Senate Senior Assistant Parliamentarian Peter Robinson, a foremost authority on congressional procedures, will explain how the reconciliation process works and what you might expect to see in the coming year in Congress.

If you have questions that are not addressed during the program, please contact one of the speakers and they will be happy to answer them.

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