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Our promise to clients is that they will receive the full breadth of King & Spalding’s extensive experience and knowledge in an efficient, cost-effective manner, using technology as a powerful tool to achieve that promise.

Collaborative Communications

Partnering with each client remains at the heart of our business and technology strategies. We use technology to facilitate our partnerships with our clients by increasing the opportunities for, and quality of, two-way communication and collaboration. Custom-created, web-based extranets and other software applications enable case management, electronic billing, and threaded discussions about ongoing legal matters. Our IT professionals work closely with our lawyers and clients to assess each client’s needs, identify the suitability of existing technology and develop and implement innovative solutions.

Creating Efficiencies

Many legal matters today routinely include millions of documents. Using off-the-shelf, vendor hosted and proprietary technologies, we effectively manage volumes of information to the advantage of our clients, significantly reducing the high cost of document production and storage. For the largest matters, we create virtual document depositories that provide secure access to document images and coded text to litigants any time, anywhere.

We draw on years of experience gained from managing such document intensive cases as the tobacco litigation involving Brown & Williamson, the proposed Sprint Corporation merger with MCI Worldcom, the Dow Corning breast implant controversy and the Bridgestone/Firestone 2000 tire recall. We are currently bringing this knowledge to bear in our roles as national coordinating counsel for Purdue Pharma and GlaxoSmithKline.

Connected Anytime Anywhere

Our lawyers never know when a legal issue will arise that needs an immediate answer; consequently, they need access to client information and all firm resources at anytime from anywhere in the world. Our lawyers, equipped with laptop computers and smartphone devices, can access the firm’s network via high speed secure Internet connections. For those locations without high speed Internet access, the smartphones can function as secure Wi-Fi hotspots for internet connectivity.

Video Conferencing

The firm’s video conference facilities in each office bring our clients and attorneys face-to-face on a daily basis, significantly reducing travel time and expense. The use of video technology for transaction negotiations, depositions, preparation of expert witnesses and other trial preparations also saves clients’ money by allowing matters to be resolved more expeditiously. In addition, we use our video technology for ongoing training and continuing legal education for our lawyers and clients.

Webcast Programs and Workshops

The firm reaches out to clients, friends and alumni offering a monthly e-Learn Series on current hot topics in the legal industry. At their desks, from all over the world, they can tap into the resources and knowledge of the firm. Topics range from the broad area of mergers and acquisitions to the narrow focus of international trade, government investigations and post-closing disputes. Audience participation is encouraged with real-time polling and the submission of questions by e-mail.