Part-Time Program

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King & Spalding's attorneys are the firm's most important asset. We believe that part-time attorneys contribute fully to our primary focus - the provision of legal services of the highest quality - and that it is possible to remain committed to the service of clients and to professional development while working a reduced schedule. The firm has an established program that insures part-time attorneys have equal support and opportunities across offices, teams and practice areas. Part-time lawyers who work 30 hours or more per week are eligible to receive benefits in accordance with the firm's benefit policies. Those include, among others, health, dental, life insurance, vision care, child-care, §401 (k) participation, vacation and holidays.

The program is overseen by Cathy O'Neil, the Part-Time Coordinating Partner, appointed by the firm's Policy Committee. She advises the firm's part-time lawyers in shaping and implementing suitable arrangements with their Practice Group Leaders. Ms. O'Neil also regularly meets with Practice Group Leaders to ensure consistency and application of the part-time program across practice groups and offices. Each arrangement is unique to each lawyers needs and requirements. All part-time arrangements are structured to achieve a two-way commitment of both obligation and respect between the firm and the lawyer.

To qualify for the part-time program, a lawyer must have at least two years of experience in the practice of law, either here at King & Spalding or in a prior position. This ensures that all our lawyers have devoted their full-time and attention to learning the basics of the profession.

King & Spalding is proud of its part-time program and is committed to providing a work environment that is flexible in meeting the needs of our lawyers, the firm itself and, most importantly, our clients. We recognize that a successful part-time policy assists in attracting and retaining top quality lawyers who are committed to their profession, the firm, and its clients.

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