M/WBE Partnering

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Flexible Strategic Partnering is a concrete way for corporations to increase diversity in their outside counsel ranks by partnering King & Spalding's E-Discovery Group, itself a diverse team, with minority- or women-owned business enterprises (M/WBEs).

Increasing diversity in outside counsel is an important goal of many in-house attorneys. For many, part of that goal is to increase the amount of work assigned to M/WBEs. Yet all too often, corporations are unable to use qualified smaller or boutique-sized M/WBEs solely because the matters may be too large or document-intensive for the M/WBEs to handle alone with their own resources.

King & Spalding's Flexible Strategic Partnering provides a solution that benefits both in-house counsel and M/WBEs. We provide M/WBEs the muscle of King & Spalding's E-Discovery Group to handle any size document project. This allows the M/WBE, as lead case counsel, to remain focused on its real tasks—overall case management and strategy.

In-house attorneys benefit from knowing that King & Spalding's E-Discovery Group will handle all document issues, no matter how large or complex. This gives in-house counsel the flexibility to choose the right M/WBE, in the right jurisdiction, for the right case—without being constrained by the M/WBE's own size or resources.

King & Spalding has a long history of managing mass tort and commercial litigation discovery on a national scale. For example, our E-Discovery Group has:

  • Served as lead national discovery counsel for Fortune 50 companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, manufacturing, and tobacco industries.
  • Overseen the identification, preservation, collection, processing, and production of electronic data for literally thousands of cases in products liability, environmental, commercial, antitrust, and white-collar criminal litigation, with data sets often over a terabyte.
  • Established hardcopy and on-line "reading rooms" of documents.

  • Been extremely successful in preventing sanctions and winning motions to compel.

As early as 1995, the firm established a stand-alone discovery center. In continuous operation for the past eleven years, the discovery center is housed in off-site space, supervised by partners and staffed by lawyers, paralegals, document clerks, and IT personnel. The Discovery Center has 115 lawyers and is highly diverse: 40% female and 23.5% ethnically diverse attorneys.


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